Five ways you can support B2B startups in your industry

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash


Malcolm Turnbull during CyRise Demo Day 2020 for cohort 4 introductions
CyRise Demo Day supporters
AustCyber Website

Despite the natural instinct to accept all offers of assistance, especially if they could be a customer, one of the smartest things we can do as startup leaders is decide when to respectfully say: “thanks, but no thanks.”

Support versus advice

Reality check

Impactful support

1. Proactively introduce startups to other people who can help

2. If a startup is tackling a problem you are trying to solve, help them get their product to a point where it literally solves your problem

3. Don’t treat a startup like one of the multi-national vendors you often kick around because you can

4. If you do decide to become a customer, help to expedite the procurement process

5. If you become a startup’s customer and you are happy with the value they provide, sing from the hills about how they helped you

Closing thoughts



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