Behind the scenes of year one at a venture-backed cybersecurity startup

Photo credit: Syaf Djamil

5th September 2019

Team member #1

Photo credit: Syaf Djamil


The “one more thing” moment

Photo credit: Lara Solomon
Photo credit: Sharon Lu

Learning the fundraising shuffle

Customer #1

Cyber Startup School


  • Work from home until further notice.
  • Avoid overly-populated areas and large groups.
  • Be personally responsible; self-isolate as much as possible.
  • Keep personally informed of the situation.
  • Only be in the office if there is a good business reason.
  • We have a well-defined product roadmap and our execution plan is independent of having additional external feedback for the moment, due to our design-thinking approach and large number of discussions with people and customers to date. In short, we know what we need to build over the next 9 months.
  • We have enough of a cash runway to execute as a team through the crisis.
  • We will scale office requirements down.
  • We will reduce the salaries of the founders.
  • The positive takeaway from this crisis is that our product capabilities will be vastly superior when the world emerges from the current situation.
  • Our pipeline remains healthy, and we are in a good position to resume regular sales activities when the market is ready.
  • Product development.
  • Continuing remote conversations with current customers, pilot customers, and design partners.
  • Go-to-market planning, with a view to execute on that plan when we emerge from the global crisis.
  • Be accountable.
  • Show leadership.
  • Be professionals.



“I’m not investing in your company. I’m investing in you based on my belief that you will be successful.”





Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.

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Ian Yip

Ian Yip

Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.

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