Common traits of candidates who deserve the job

Want to give yourself the best chance to land that job? Make sure you nail these.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I’ve personally interviewed more candidates for open roles at Avertro in the past year than the previous 10 combined, such is the nature of being a startup founder that doesn’t have the luxury of deferring to a recruitment team.

We’re currently hiring for a marketing specialist and have been overwhelmed by the response, receiving over 150 applications. We’ve arrived at our shortlist of the top three candidates; we could hire any of them and they would do a great job.

Here’s what they all have in common:

If you do these things, you’re almost always going to be one of the top candidates. If you don’t end up with the role, you will at least be satisfied that you did everything you could and were simply beaten by someone who was a better fit in the eyes of the company.

Ian Yip is the CEO of Avertro, a venture-backed cybersecurity software company. Avertro CyberHQ is the strategic cybersecurity headquarters that helps leaders manage the business of cyber, explain cybersecurity to executives, forecast outcomes, right-size spend, and validate strategy so leaders can optimise the use of external assistance and prove they are doing cyber right.



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Ian Yip

Ian Yip


Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.