RSA Conference 2022 Recap

Macro Themes

The RSA keynotes are typically a good reference for determining the overarching messages that are currently permeating through our industry.

Cybersecurity as a national security imperative

US government representatives have always had a decent presence at the RSA Conference. One thing that seems to have changed this time around however, was that officials both current and past were all in attendance and graced the various keynote stages frequently.

Chris Krebs, during the RSA Conference closing keynote on the Hugh Thompson Show

The things we’re currently doing aren’t working

A cynic would say this is a thinly-veiled message that the solution providers push to sell more stuff.


It’s always difficult to ascertain if this ends up being someone’s message because it is trendy or if they really want to make a difference. But it was a constant theme throughout the agenda. I suppose we should be glad that it hasn’t disappeared from the conversation.


I saw a great graphic on LinkedIn about how every vendor goes into a big conference like RSA wanting to have a “differentiated voice” but then ends up saying the exact same thing as everyone else.

  • Zero Trust
  • AI
  • ML
  • SASE
  • API Security

The Expo Floor

If you’ve ever walked the Expo Floor at the RSA Conference, you’ll know that it’s huge. The only other cybersecurity conference I’ve ever been to that can match the RSA Expo Floor’s scale is the Blackhat conference in Las Vegas.

Most importantly

There’s a reason that RSA Conference veterans will tell new attendees that it’s not really about the conference. Sure, you learn a few new things, see some interesting technology, and get a sense of what’s happening in our industry.



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Ian Yip


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