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Am I OK?

Maybe. It depends on which day you’re asking me.

From a business standpoint, we’re doing well. For me personally however, year two of Avertro’s existence was much more difficult, and that’s saying a lot given year one was peak pandemic. The last couple of months have been particularly tough.


The problem I’ve often faced as a founder is we get very little time to savour the positives. When good things happen, I’m mostly relieved instead of being overjoyed. I then tend to move on and start thinking about the next thing I need to worry about.

Taking it personally

Some of you may know from reading my articles or watching some of my presentations that Michael Jordan is a childhood hero of mine. So it feels appropriate to explain with a Michael Jordan meme.

Michael Jordan quote from “The Last Dance” — now a popular Internet meme

Am I really OK?

From a professional perspective, the past two years have challenged me more than anything else I’ve ever encountered in my life.

  • We’re a mission-driven company: everyone on the team is making some sort of sacrifice because we believe we’re making things materially better.
  • The team gets me through it. That’s why it’s so important to build a great team. They are the ones I can lean on when I’m feeling terrible.

I’ll survive.

Thank you for helping me get through it (in alphabetical order):

Abdul, Ani, Brad, Farrell, Harshal, Olivia, Priyal, Rajiv, Ryan, Sophia, Syaf, and Zoe.



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Ian Yip

Ian Yip


Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.