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  • Gerry Chng

    Gerry Chng

    Tech Enthusiast | Curious about the future | Student in Sociology and Emerging Tech

  • Guillaume Noé

    Guillaume Noé

    Cyber Security Advisor with a passion for Identity and Access Management, Privacy & the process of best managing Cyber Security Threats & Risks. guinoe.com

  • Jocelyn Hunter

    Jocelyn Hunter

    Managing Director of tech public relations agency BENCH PR, northern lass, lover of macaroons and Derby County fan.

  • briankrebs


    Independent investigative journalist. Writes about cybercrime. Author of 'Spam Nation', a NYT bestseller. Wrote for The Washington Post '95-'09

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • James Hutchinson

    James Hutchinson

    Head of Business Technology, Sling & Stone

  • Paul Adams

    Paul Adams

    VP of Product @Intercom. Before that PM, UX, Design at Facebook, Google, Dyson. I like building things with others. Wrote a book http://amzn.com/0321804112

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