Eight lessons from my entrepreneurial journey thus far

This is the summary and conclusion to the multi-part series sharing the lessons I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey thus far.

No matter the outcome of your startup journey, the one thing you can count on is that you will learn more through the journey than almost anything else you’ve ever done before in your career.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

I hope my journey will help those of you embarking on your own startup path. Here are the links to each article in the series.

Introduction article.

  1. Don’t wait until you feel 100% ready to start your entrepreneurial journey
  2. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity
  3. Find your inner unicorn
  4. If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough
  5. Ask for help, even before you think you need it
  6. It’s ok to be vulnerable
  7. If getting investment is your primary goal, you’re doing it wrong
  8. Take a design thinking approach, but always remember your vision

I expect to keep learning as I go, and will share more along the way when the urge strikes, and time permits. Until then, thanks for reading.

Ian Yip is the CEO of Avertro, which brings science to cyber story-telling by providing a simple, yet sophisticated executive and board cyber platform that helps organisations tell a compelling story, right-size their cyber program, and understand their cyber-why.

Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.