Avertro just turned two. These are some of the real moments from our second year.

If you’re wondering what happened in year one, I wrote about it last year.

5th September 2020

“Oh s***, we’re a year old,” I thought to myself. …

Today is R U OK Day, so I’m asking myself if I’m really ok.

Team member: Ian, are you ok? I feel like you ask everyone else if they’re ok. But I don’t know if they ever ask you back. So, I’m asking.

Me: You know there’s always something bothering…

There is no shortage of people wanting to break into the industry, so how do you stand out?

The unicorn

A few years ago, I hired someone into our team at one of my previous employers. …

I looked for the cybersecurity line items in the NSW budget so you don’t have to

Initial thoughts

Despite the recent release of the NSW Government’s updated Cyber Security Strategy, very little cyber has actually made it into the budget. While the budget includes $500 million of additional funding allocated to the…

I’ve been asked by a number of people how I do this, so here’s a few tips.

I’ve delivered more than a thousand presentations over the years. Some for small audiences, and occasionally for thousands of people. This article isn’t about the act of doing a presentation. That is a…

I looked for the cybersecurity line items in the budget so you don’t have to

Initial thoughts

This budget continues the historical trend of spending a significant amount on national security, which includes cybersecurity, but having most of the money directed towards the government’s own departments.

We cannot be cyber resilient as…

Want to give yourself the best chance to land that job? Make sure you nail these.

I’ve personally interviewed more candidates for open roles at Avertro in the past year than the previous 10 combined, such is the nature of being a startup founder that doesn’t have the luxury of…

How people answer this question tells you more than you may realise.

I’m not a recruitment professional, yet it’s always been part of my job. As a startup CEO, hiring the right people is critical to our success.

Avertro is just over a year old now. In that time, I’ve…

How can you ensure you are really helping instead of virtue signalling?

Preamble: I run a cybersecurity startup, so the introduction focuses on the Aussie cybersecurity angle to set informed context. The rest of this article however, could be applied to any B2B startup.


CyRise Demo Day for cohort 4…

Avertro just turned one. These are some of the real moments from our first year.

5th September 2019

Antler representative: “Alright, Ian and Roman. Who’s going to do the driving on the laptop?”

Me: “Roman can. CTO’s job.”

We laughed. There we were, sitting in a meeting room on level 8 at Tank…

Ian Yip

Cyber Risk. Cybersecurity. Business. Tech. Entrepreneur. CEO at Avertro. Former CTO at McAfee Asia Pacific.

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